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Automate your loan process with LendingView – a modern digital software for managing customers, leads & application, automating routine agenda and archiving important data.

Customer Relationship Management Software Customized for Singapore Money Lender

How can LendingView solve the problems that you are facing

Some Common issues faced by Singapore Licensed Money Lender:

  • Inaccurate information
  • Multiple requests for income documentation  (CPF, NOA, Payslips)
  • Essential to submit accurate documents but faced with human errors
  • Lost of leads in emails or forms
  • Spam application
  • Long Application Process

LendingView offers:

  1. Singpass APIs Integration (Myinfo, Singpass Login) scalable for other Singpass NDI products including Face Verification if needed.
  2. Application & Appointment Module
  3. Advanced Customer Management Module
  4. Contract Automation Module
  5. Scheduling Module
  6. Follow up & task checklist module

To ensure that no leads are missed out and data retrieved are as accurate as possible leaving out room for human errors.

LendingView FAQ

Instead of the traditional method of retrieving documents such as CPF contribution history, Notice of Assessment, HDB ownership one platform at a time, Singpass MyInfo will retrieve data seamlessly for you. Less form filling, higher data quality

Users can share their data by providing consent via Singpass and organisations no longer have to deal with manual data management.


Data from government sources

With data from participating government sources, this allows the provisioning of products instantly, where applicable.

In compliance with PDPA, the data will be stored in your own cloud servers which only you have access.

LendingView is a specially developed CRM system only for Singapore Licensed Money Lenders, we have done our research and ensure that it is suited for use in Singapore and it is integrated with Singpass APIs suited for the domestic market.

Instead of a Loan Management Software, LendingView serve as a Customer Relationship Manager only. It does not include features like reporting and accounting for money lenders.

After extensive research, our team found that there are no solution available in the market that is suited for Singapore Domestic use for Singapore Licensed Money Lenders. Instead of creating a product for the mass market, we have decided to provide a solution catered for Singapore Market, providing a solution for problems that many traditional Licensed Money Lenders my face.

With LendingView, there will be lesser need for mundane roles such as data entry, checks for contracts, manual loan application and retrieving of relevant documents. With a streamlined approach, your customers may apply their loan online making use of Singpass Myinfo, and you will be able to see all the data and documents that might be required.

The Contract generator will also assist contract generating from data retrieved to PDF with accuracy and no data entry will be required.

Your customers may view their loan documents from their dashboard whenever required and this can be customized to your needs too! 

We take care of the non-revenue generating roles for you to focus on the important stuff!

Customizing and scalability is one of the strongest unique selling point of LendingView. Instead of an off the shelve product, each and individual version are built on the necessities building block which includes (but not limited to!)

  1. Singpass APIs Integration
  2. Loan Application & Contract Generating
  3. Borrower Dashboard
  4. Application & Appointment Module
  5. Advanced Customer Management Module
  6. Contract Automation Module
  7. Scheduling Module
  8. Follow up & task checklist module
  9. User/Roles Module
  10. Template Creation
  11. PDF Converter
  12. 2FA Enabled
  13. Chat function
  14. Borrower Dashboard Module
  15. Document Library
  16. Logs & History

If these are not enough, feel free to talk to our specialist for a tailor-made solution for your organization!

The goal for LendingView is to be tailormade suited just for individual organization needs.

No. With the guidelines and data protection in mind, to protect ourselves and our client. LendingView each comes with their unique license which will be a one-off purchase. Thereby LendingView do not:

  1. Keep or store data in our own servers
  2. Retrieve data from clients’ servers
  3. Have access to clients’ customers sensitive data

Clients will have a peace of mind as data are stored securely in their own servers.

Each individual license will come with a default 6 months warranty period which can be extended at a fee. We also offer our services on an hourly basis for clients who need to build or scale their version of LendingView.

If this sounds like a solution that you need, enquire today! Because it sure seems like a great solution to us!

Please include organization details and main concerns that you are facing in the message fields. If you'd like a call back, feel free to include your contact number in the message box too!